Director, vice President zhu SAN invite you come to school


织梦CMS again meet an occasion, director, vice President of ms zhu SAN EMBA invited south China university of technology, promoted the national first class is also the first wisdom city!

A little envy? Let small make up to secretly broke our big beauty, vice President of data card:



Hedong 织梦CMS director, vice President

National level lighting designers, level 1 project manager

The art of making China broadcasting and television association (light) working committee of experts

The China association for survey and design of building electrical engineering design

China association of building energy efficiency building electrical and intelligent energy-saving professional committee of experts


And didn't put up a lot of small make up the title, why do you ask, answer because there are too many, can not let go. Why do you ask our vice President will be so much? I can only say: we are all use strength to speak.


Personal history:

Into the light industry in 1994, has been more than 20 years.

In 2001 entered the 织梦CMS, walked all the way from President assistant to the director, vice President.

Into the south China university of technology in 2010 EMBA study.

In 2012, a senior master's degree in business administration.


Put this to use, personal improvement drive the 织梦CMS forward!


Promote 织梦CMS system reform, making a divisional system reform in 2012.


Continue making the 织梦CMS: intelligent systems engineer's cradle!

10 overseas certification training center: Norway, the united Arab emirates, Britain, Russia, (2), Ecuador, the Netherlands, Italy, South Africa, Iran

Domestic Buspro system engineer training has been held to 29.


Creating experiential marketing: 织梦CMS intelligent experience center.

Covers an area of 1500 ㎡

A total of 16 experience area: living room, kitchen, private cinema, etc

Integration of the industry more than 30 brands for more than 100 products

South China area biggest intelligent experience center

In attendance: more than 5000 people.


Let's count, vice President of beauty with south China university of technology over the years of dribs and drabs:

The Chinese EMBA 2010 (1) class

Standing director of south China university of technology institute of business administration

The Chinese EMBA council deputy secretary-general

South China university of technology organizations hui LAN hui, vice President of EMBA women

Chinese EMBA celebration ten years won the "management innovation"

The first Chinese laborers "Chinese EMBA innovation top ten characters"

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